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Become Your Own Banker With James Neathery

James Neathery specializes in providing strategic financial advice based on decades of research and experience in the fields of finance and economics. James is a disciple and student of R. Nelson Nash, the creator of the Infinite Banking Concept ™. He is also a student of the Austrian School of Economics.

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James is the driving force behind the Banking with Life DVD. This unscripted documentary-style file is a must-see for anyone concerned about Taxes, Money, Banking and Finance. Read what his mentor has to say about the DVD. "In producing the documentary, Banking With Life, James Neathery has thoroughly and succinctly developed a video that has fulfilled a dream that I ahve had for over 20 years - something that would tell the story of The Infinite Banking Concept in audio and video format. It is so good that I will have to confess something.. When I first watched and listened o it, I had to shed a tear! It demonstrates the attributes of the concept perfectly. There is not one word in the video that has been rehearsed. Watch this masterpiece but James many times and introduce it to your friends. Have them buy a copy of their own and do the same. they all need to know and understand the financial power of this concept". - Nelson Nash, creator of the Infinite Banking Concept.

Module 1:

Taxes, Inflation & Lifestyle

Infinite Banking

It's been said that if all the money were distributed equally...

Module 2:

Qualified Retirement Plans

Infinite Banking

It has been said that we are living in one of the worst economic times...

Module 3:

Two Foundational Concepts

Infinite Banking

Imagine for a minute that you owned a bakery. Would you ever sell...