Why Become Your Own Banker?

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+ Why typical financial advice may not be the best way to build wealth

+ Why an IRA/401(k) may benefit Wall Street more than you & your family

+ How to overcome the costs of taxes, inflation, debt service and lifestyle

+ How the Infinite Banking Concept may be the solution to your problem

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This webinar consists of 3 modules — here's an excerpt from each module:

Module #1: Taxes, Inflation & Lifestyle — “I’m demonstrating a 30% cost under lifestyle. That cost is $900,000 over that 30 year time period, but it destroys over $2,000,000 again, and that takes the account value down to $348,000. Now think about that — $100,000 in income. 30 year time period you’re just paying your taxes and living your life and you’ve accumulated roughly 3.5 years of income.”

Module #2: Qualified Retirement Plans — “This is where all of America has been taught to build their wealth in retirement. This and their primary place of residence. (your home) Neither one of which are very liquid — but we’re going to go through the timeline of a qualified retirement plan and consider some of it’s characteristics.”

Module #3: Two Concepts — “These 2 truths you have to be make sense to you — before the infinite banking concept will make sense. Once we look at them, they will make sense. Number 1 is — you finance everything you purchase. There are no exceptions to this whether you recognize it or not. You either pay interest to someone else when you formally finance, or you give up the interest you could have otherwise earned when you pay cash. Now the cash buyer has a hard time with this. I pay cash quote unquote — I pay cash because I don’t want to pay anybody interest. Right, but they don’t consider the lost interest that they could have otherwise earned — Richard Cantalon discovered this in the sixteenth century. The question here is if you could capture the equivalent of that lost interest, would you want to?

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