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You don't need to become a financial guru to understand the Infinite Banking Concept, but it helps to understand the basics. We're here to give you access to all the information you need. Learn at your own pace with our free educational webinars.

What Is Infinite Banking?

The Infinite Banking Concept began with the book, Becoming Your Own Banker, by R. Nelson Nash.  The following excerpt is from that book and we feel it best answers the question: What is Infinite Banking? This book is not about … investments of any kind.  It is about how one finances the things of life, which can certainly include investments.  It is not about rates of return.  As time goes by interest rates are up and interest rates are down — but the process of banking goes on no matter w
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Infinite Banking Overview

It’s been said that if all the money were distributed equally among all the peoples in the world within 10 years time, 97% of all the money woul

Banking for Businesses

It has been said that we are living in one of the worst economic times since the Great Depression. Banks are no longer lending like they used to. Mone

Banking Process

Imagine for a minute that you owned a bakery. Would you ever sell a loaf of bread to a distributor for 20 cents and then later, go buy that exact same

Truth About Interest

You’ve heard the saying, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” That certainly is the case when it comes to money. You see,